Can I use Feed Monsters for commercial Use?

Yes you can.

Can I have Feed Burner / IFTTT / etc. point to my Feed Monster feeds?

Yes you can.

What data from my RSS feeds is Feed Monsters caching and storing?

Nothing.  Every time you request your RSS feed from Feed Monsters we go to the source RSS feed and process it fresh every time.  This way you can be sure that your RSS feed is current.

How are passwords stored?

They are hashed.

I subscribed after my account expired, but my account isn’t working. Help?

It usually gets turned back on pretty quickly, but if it hasn’t for some reason please contact support and we’ll get it fixed right away for you.

When I delete a monster or a part from a monster how long until it’s really deleted?

When the web page refreshes, it’s gone.  We do have database backups which we keep for a short period of time, but that’s it.  When you ask us to delete something we delete it.

What are the terms of use?

Don’t do things with the service that are illegal where you live.  Don’t do thinks that are illegal where we are based (California, USA).  We’ll do our best to keep the service online and responding quickly.  If it isn’t let us know and we’ll figure out why.

I’d like to use two factor authentication with my account. Can I do this?

Yes we have this available.  After logging in, go into your settings and enable (or disable) the setting.  You will then be shown the needed settings to configure two factor authentication for use via email or a 3rd party phone application such as Google Authenticator.  At the moment you have to contact support to have this enabled on your account. We are working on making it a setting that you can turn on and off yourself.  We felt that this was an important enough feature that we would make it available without having the UI to self turn it on and off.

Yahoo Pipes was free. Why isn’t this free?

Yahoo has more money than we do.